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Hire real specialists versed in in various classic and modern technologies, frameworks, and programming languages.
With an extensive supply of the software development companies and freelancers on the market, there is a high possibility of choosing the wrong tech partner for your project after spending weeks on the search. Instead, why not choose a simpler process and pre vetted talent with Prostir? The vetted companies we work with do not limit their work to any particular technologies but are fully customer-oriented.
Each client of ours undergoes an in-depth business analysis, which later allows us to come up with custom solutions and the most suitable implementations. If you are searching for experts in certain technologies, we invite you to take advantage of our outstaffing services. In case you are not sure which scope should be used to develop your project, you can fully trust the whole development to the companies from our pool.
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Each software development company we work with is selected according to 100+ strict criteria. We do not cooperate with suspicious freelancers or discredited teams but engage in an in-depth market research to select the most professional partners.
We make it our priority to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends, which is what enables the speed and simplicity in our development process. Additionally, our engineers have profound expertise in standard but proven development methods.
We don't apply a standard scheme to the development of each project. Instead, we analyze each client’s requirements, business, and budget, to choose the technologies and processes that would be the best fit.
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The size of our pool ensures our ability to find engineers and teams that match your timing and budget. We can provide you with development estimates from several trusted companies within 72 hours after your request.
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