Why Eastern Europe is the Best Option for IT Co-Staffing

by prostir
3 October 2017
Why Eastern Europe is the Best Option for IT Co-Staffing

When it comes to software development, IT co-staffing is the best option for almost any company. If a business requires new software features, timing optimization or a more cost-efficient development, using outsourced specialists is the most obvious and popular way. Whether a full dedicated team or just a few engineers to augment an in-house team are required, most of the companies seek for such personnel in Eastern European countries, as those have lots of diverse IT specialists with outstanding skills available for attractive hourly rates.

IT Team Augmentation in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has the best cost-to-quality value worldwide, and thus it has been recognized as the best place to seek outsourced software development teams and engineers. The relatively low prices don’t hurt either — any business can find the best suiting team or specialist for their budget.

On the ground of social and cultural devastation after the fall of the USSR, Eastern European countries acquired a number of technically advanced people who induced interest in technological education in the younger generation. Hence, there is a comparably large interest in IT education in those countries, a large number of cramped IT educational institutions and even prominent self-taught specialists. Post-soviet perseverance ensures that all work is done properly, with a minimum amount of issues, errors or possible bugs.

Ukraine has established itself as an IT outsourcing heaven thanks to the large amount of skilled IT specialists, corporate and government IT education programs and overall nation’s interest in the IT sphere. Almost all top international outsourcing companies have opened multiple offices in Ukraine to host development teams, as more and more clients choose Ukraine as their hub for software development. There are many reputable universities providing numerous IT education programs for future specialists, with  in-depth training in applied sciences and technologies. The largest tech universities have up to 10 different IT-oriented specializations and thousands of ready-to-work engineers graduating each year. Corporate and government courses are available in every large city, most of them are free to attend. In these courses, students are trained on real projects using the most modern technologies, and often get job offers right after the course ends, in most cases from the outsourcing companies. Ukrainian scholar and university teams always win the best places in international coding contests, Olympics, and hackathons, which marks that most ungraduate engineers are ready to work on real software projects even with only the knowledge their first year of the university program.

IT Outsourcing in North-Eastern Europe

An additional viable choice for outsourcing is in countries like Estonia, Finland, Latvia or Lithuania. These countries have some of the world’s best development teams, and well-known IT education possibilities. All of these countries rely on software and use state-of-the-art technologies to run the government, and thus emphasize on getting new generations of skilled IT specialists. However, due to the high demand for IT specialists within these countries alone securing a great development team for outsourcing purposes might pose a challenge. The amount of available skilled engineers is much smaller than in Eastern Europe, as these countries are smaller themselves.

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