What is Good Outsourcing Service?

by prostir
4 December 2017
What is Good Outsourcing Service?

Nowadays, there are a lot of outsourcing companies providing a large variety of services for any industry, and the market is quite competitive. Of course, all of them try to hunt clients, include the best projects they’ve done, promote additional services for any kind of customers and undertake all imaginable measures to get hired. But how do you know that the company is actually good?

Transparency Is the Key

Good software outsourcing services are usually quite transparent with any question you would ask them. They will gladly show you their office, share the portfolio, connect with the teams. They will talk to you about their corporate culture and how they perceive the remote cooperation. That’s a good sign, and you should be interested in all these questions before you work with a company, just to get to know the people who will be working on your projects in the future.

During the search period, don’t be shy to ask the offshore software development centers for contacts of their previous or other current customers, even if you’re not going to contact them. If they give you the contacts right away, that means that this company is absolutely transparent with the customers and there is nothing they could possibly hide from you; such actions will show you that the company is confident in what they are doing and they’re pretty much happy with their partnerships.

Management Support

Naturally, outsourcing companies know their colleagues and the projects they’re working on, so it can be a great advantage for you, especially if you are new to the outsourcing. Ask your company if they can also provide business process outsourcing to you. A good company will say ‘yes’ without thinking, and it is rather a good decision indeed. Although it may cost you more on a monthly basis, usually such support from your company increases the team’s productiveness and code quality, and your project will simply require less time for completion, so in the end, you will only save both funds and time.


Good software outsourcing companies are able to adjust their work to your timing so they know when to contact you should any question or issue arise. This shows the realism and real-work background of the company and their readiness to detect bugs and fix them as soon as possible.

Reporting is a very crucial part of software development outsourcing which will give you headroom to adapt your other activities to the project timeframe (for example, marketing, design, other products or business decisions), recognize and point out possible mistakes that would’ve not be recognized by the contractor.

Expertise In Your Industry

In any case, any company can offer you a good outsourcing service as long as they are open to you, fully understand your vision and the problems your project should resolve. However, a practical background in the industry of your business would be a great advantage, especially if it requires integration with 3rd party services or development utilizing specific technologies or equipment.

Still Lost?

If you are still unsure, which outsourcing company to choose, let the professionals do it. Thus, you can contact Prostir and provide us with your development needs. In our turn, we will choose the most matching development teams from our pool of vetted outsourcing companies based on your tech and budget requirement within just 24 hours.

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