How We Killed Stereotype Sales Proposals and Why They’ll Never Come Back

by prostir
24 October 2017
How We Killed Stereotype Sales Proposals and Why They’ll Never Come Back

Outsourcing companies are great, but Prostir has gone beyond simple outsourcing. We are a service company that finds development teams and companies with diverse areas and levels of expertise. Once a new client needs a product, we start searching for a perfectly matching development team. Due to our large and constantly updated IT expertise database

, we quickly come up a list to choose from.

Usually, if you’re going to work with just one team, lots of time is spent, both yours and theirs, on waiting for a sales proposal.

This detailed offer based on your requirements always takes so much time, because teams try to avoid misunderstandings and include some overhead costs to the quote just to save themselves from a force majeure. Basically, engineers do the work of salesmen just to get their normal work.

Our specialists have prior short technical talks with multiple teams, and by knowing their capabilities, level of experience and prices, help them to build time and money estimates for our clients.

How it works

When you are in search of a dedicated development team, you usually look through a few dozens of teams, watch their portfolios, ask for references and feedback from their previous clients, ask the teams for an approximate timeframe to do a project of your scale, and so on. Basically, we do it all before you even come to us and select only the best and the most reliable teams to cooperate with.

Usual outsourcing road-map

Having lots of teams with same level of expertise, design and technological advance also helps us to speed up the selection process: we can simply show them your requirements and be sure that every team will completely understand the scope, and we can give you estimations much faster, as we don’t need to edit standard sales proposals from each team to better suit your requirements.

How to negotiate a project without a classic sales proposal

The absence of sales proposals also favorably influences your cooperation with the team’s PM, as there are no middlemen who would be trying to bring everything under the scope of frequently incomplete or incorrect sales proposal. There are only a few differences between working through a sales department and directly with the team.

Firstly, always put more details in the technical requirements and explanation of your project. This will not only keep a warm atmosphere between you and your team but also help avoid costly re-making and refactoring in case someone doesn’t understand your ideas completely. If there are lots of things built on a snippet of code that doesn’t quite match your requirements, everything should be redone.

Secondly, always look after your project and don’t allow it to have any kind of spontaneity. If you skip meetings with your team, don’t put enough effort into testing the raw project and comparing it to your requirements, you may end up with a completely different result than you wanted to have.

Thirdly, the PMs would love to read your thoughts, but they can’t. Always conduct meetings, and speak straight. If you don’t like any functionality or design, your team should know it right away, otherwise, it will be too late to rethink or remake something easily. It also will show the team your personal engagement with your project and their work, which is also a good premise for a great and fast result.

And lastly, always make your technical specifications for desired product as detailed as possible. It’s the rule number one with any outsourcing project and it’s so important it desires to be mentioned once more. Your product is your idea, your vision, your area of expertise. People who will do this project simply may not know a thing about important details of your project, even if they are absolutely obvious for you.

Try it out now

If you are in need of development and are still wondering how it all works, make sure to contact us to get an estimation for your project within just 24 hours. We will prove you that Prostir is the next generation of IT services and that sales proposals will never get back again.

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