Top 5 Worst Nightmares For Developers

by prostir
27 October 2017
Top 5 Worst Nightmares For Developers

Real or imaginary fears caused by job features, line of work and related risks, are to be a part of every single profession. In contrast to doctors, policeman or fireman, whose main fear lies behind physically hurting other people, coders professional life seem to be much more quiet and peaceful. Looks like their fears are shallow, ain’t it? That’s clearly not the case! This Halloween we’ve decided to figure out what frightens steady tech guys the most and find funny fails costumes in Internet. Time to hit a nerve!

Fear #1 – The ‘Real Programmer’ syndrome

Believe it or not, but coders are afraid of being unsolicited. And that’s what the ‘Real Programmer’ syndrome is about. Work harder and harder to become good enough or you’ll be left behind. That means spending more time coding – every waking minute – and taking on an increasing number of projects. What’s wrong with that one, you ask? First leads to the second – appears fear of losing your job, screwing up, no longer liking one’s job, and there you go – emotional and professional burnout.

Fear #2 – The Internet is gone

Looking to terrify a programmer? Yell something like “The Internet is gone now” or “Google servers are down forever”. There are lots of useful Internet sources for developers to answer their questions, use and give vital advices or samples. Not to mention how hard it would be to access remote servers or contact your freelance team member.

Fear #3 – Bugs

Must be the biggest and most obvious fear from the list. Given the variety of systems and applications that programmers can potentially work on, the consequences of a poorly timed bug can range from annoying but innocent to potentially life threatening. Many programmers are also fear of unexpected bugs or those impossible to replicate. Imagine that the program, perfectly running on your computer a minute ago, suddenly exposes a bug in front of potential customer or being demonstrated to impatient audience. It’s almost as a bad childhood dream of acting in front of your class naked.

Fear #4 – Incompetent management and clients from hell

Absolutely no one would like to work with (and especially under) an incompetent management. But this is the case when ignorance can make a developer’s life particularly painful. Interrupting pointless demands, forcing to use a specific technology for no good reason, underestimating the time spent to create a good code. Oh, and changing project requirements on the go. Especially changes due to poor project management or due to clients triggers and required at the last minute – will make a coder wake up screaming.

Fear #5 – Working on someone else’s code

A programmer excited to work with or clean up someone else’s code simply doesn’t exist. Even a well-documented third party code can become a real pain for developer. It was possibly written long time ago, so will require a double effort to organize and re-write it. Trying to understand a code without good documentation and comments results in a strong headache and becomes a living nightmare.

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