Top 5 Software Development Tools and the Problems They Solve for You

by prostir
24 November 2017
Top 5 Software Development Tools and the Problems They Solve for You

The development process is quite complicated and surrounded by issues and problems that arise here and there all the times. Some problems boil down to simple human mistakes, primitive bugs and technical errors caused by the overly complicated process of development, setting up a piece of software or integrating different software development tools. But there are some problems that are so common, that special tools exist to overcome them.


Virtually any programming language has its own IDE with syntax highlighting and code completion functions, but these days development of an app doesn’t fall into knowing only one language. Keeping several IDEs for different parts of a project is an uncomfortable solution draining a lot of time, and using simple text editors for recurrent work with small snippets of another less used language may cause mistakes due to lack of syntax highlighting. Sublime is a perfect example of a light and easy to use code editor with syntax highlighting for most popular languages and enormous expansion capability.



Apart from development tasks, engineers often do a lot of other work including writing tests, testing, managing their workload, task tracking, communicating, technical writing and so on. Lots of these everyday tasks will take up just a glimpse of a time and may seem insignificant, but forgetting about them sometimes may harm the project. Apart from the usual project tracking and management functions, Pipefy is able to manage everyday routine tasks, and also other processes that often run in parallel to development, such as A/B testing, maintenance management, performance testing or bug tracking.



A lot of time may be spent on re-entering, copy-pasting or re-sharing of already uploaded information. Not only it keeps developers from work and burns funds, but also may cause if some part of application development process was omitted or undocumented. Zapier is a cloud-based integration service, which is able to connect and automate processes between more than 750 web-based software development tools. If you’ve heard about IFTTT, you will understand the purpose of Zapier, the only thing is that latter is oriented on business applications and is much more powerful.

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Old as operation systems, Cron and utilities alike, for example, NNCron for Windows or KCron, can be used for a variety of automation tasks if coupled with a minimal knowledge in shell scripting and basic computer tools. Any simple and boring routine can be forgotten with task planners like Cron, and programmed to run automatically. Cron can trigger scripts for automatic project build, garbage collection, logs packaging or running tests. Setting up Cron is pretty easy and can be mastered by any junior software development in just a few moments.


Stack Overflow

Everyone involved in the software development process knows that developers become better only thanks to searching for things they simply don’t know during working on real-world tasks. While Google may perfectly help junior developers to expand their knowledge fast, senior ones may have problems really beyond Google’s knowledge. Not exactly a software development tool, Stack Overflow comes into the game here. A large international community of developers working on any kind of project is a great place to search for answers of any complexity. Most probably, all the solutions are already there, so searching for one there won’t take up much time, but will definitely help with the professional development of your engineers.

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