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Top 5 Software Development Tools and the Problems They Solve for You

The development process is quite complicated and surrounded by issues and problems that arise here and there all the times. Some problems boil down to simple human mistakes, primitive bugs and technical errors caused by the overly complicated process of development, setting up a piece of software or integrating different software development tools. But there are some problems that are so common, that special tools exist to overcome them.learn more

Outsourcing VS Outstaffing: How to Make the Right Decision

Although both outsourcing and outstaffing are not new concepts in IT, they already exist for far more than a decade and have become very popular, especially amidst companies that either are not IT-oriented, or need a project out of their usual zone of competence, or just require a bigger team.learn more

How to Manage an Offshore Software Development Center and Do More Than Usual

Managing an offshore software development center requires almost the same approach and skill set as managing a set of collocated teams, but with a twist. There can be some different obstacles that may harm direct management, like language and cultural differences, or simply a different timezone. These obstacles may require additional flexibility from you and an ability to find ways around them to remain involved in the development process.learn more

5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Working In Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams are great for long-term outsourcing projects. They offer product owners a better quality of code, invoke team member’s commitment and build an excellent cooperation around the project in the team.

Dedicated teams are also a perfect match for outsourcing companies: they guarantee workload for all employees, smoother payment history, lessen management hassle to a minimum, learn more

Why Eastern Europe is the Best Option for IT Co-Staffing

When it comes to software development, IT co-staffing is the best option for almost any company. If a business requires new software features, timing optimization or a more cost-efficient development, using outsourced specialists is the most obvious and popular way. Whether a full dedicated team or just a few engineers to augment an in-house team are required, most of the companies seek for such personnel in Eastern European countries, as those have lots of diverse IT specialists with outstanding skills available for attractive hourly rates.learn more

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