Software M&A overview: Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus

by prostir
6 June 2019
Software M&A overview: Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus

Participation from non-tech players continued to rise, as they closed more deals than technology buyers for a third year in a row. Digital and advanced technologies have disrupted multiple industries, and traditional industry incumbents have increasingly used acquisitions as a means to leapfrog this process. Public markets have rewarded non-tech companies that have pursued acquisitions to address digital transformation, accelerate innovation and develop products that confront disruption/sector convergence within their industries. We believe that companies considering an M&A or financing process would benefit from approaching the right non-tech buyers and should proactively seek to approach these groups to create competitive tension and maximize value.

Software development M&A: executive summary


What are the largest acquirers looking for:


Key strategic rationales driving M&A strategyInorganic growth gives established players a way to expand capabilities, client portfolios and scale


Vertical capabilities


Delivery diversification


Client acquisition


Deal example: GlobalLogic – Rofous Software, 2011 (e.g. LinkedIn, Stryker)



Technical / language capabilities


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