Prostir Unites Outsourcing Community to Help Startups Find Great Programmers

by prostir
6 November 2017
Prostir Unites Outsourcing Community to Help Startups Find Great Programmers

A great idea for a startup is just half of the success. One would hardly argue that the team and the implementation of the initial idea ahead of the competitors are extremely important. Therefore, startups struggle to build their MVP and end product fast, cheap, and with a profound expertise.

If you ever tried to find programmer for startup, then you know that it’s not that easy, mainly because of a large number of the software development companies available on the market. One doesn’t know where to look first and what to expect.

Hire Developers For Startup With Confidence

Prostir is a platform that aggregates outsource teams and software development companies in one place. Due to the broad expertise, huge database of proven developers, and certified HR specialists, we help to find a programmer for startup in just 72 hours. Compared to facing the time-consuming and overrated sales proposals, we provide free estimates from several teams we work with within a several days only.

Being more than just an outsourcing company, Prostir provides access to the top vetted teams currently available on the Ukrainian market. Every software development company willing to get into our pool has to complete a multi-stage check consisting of the portfolio and feedback studies, code reviews, test assignments, and personal interviews. Considering this, you can stay confident in the quality of the end product when hiring developers for a startup with Prostir.

The Best Way to Get an MVP Faster

Time and money are precious for any startup, as it needs to be competitive and often has obligations towards investors. To get an MVP or PoC faster and with quality assurance, many startups wisely prefer IT outsourcing to spending weeks and efforts on building in-house teams.

To meet such a demand, Prostir has gathered the most experienced developers teams who are available for hire. Startups can benefit from the expertise of our engineers by fully outsourcing the development to them or outstaffing separate developers to augment the startup team. Thereby, you can be patient about the safety of your idea, as our developers strictly comply with the NDA.

The Expertise You Shouldn’t Miss

Not only the outsourced developers can help you to create the MVP, but also serve as advisors for the startup’s concept by looking at it with an unbiased view. Prostir’s developers dive into each client’s business, make a technical analysis and help to find the best solution to bring the idea to life. This also allows them determining and preventing potential mistakes that many startups face at the initial stages.

Outstaffing developers for your in-house team is beneficial in its own way. Thus, you can take advantage of the expertise sharing and internal education of your team that will continue developing the product later on. The expertise gained by the engineers from the Prostir’s pool is very broad and priceless, which is why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bring it to your startup.

A Win-Win Solution is Here

Literally, Prostir serves as the meeting point for software development companies and clients who want to hire developers for startup. We are the ones to analyze the initial requirements and budget of a startup, in order to find the most matching engineers and help this startup succeed. If you are one step from starting your MVP development and are still in need of the experts, make sure to contact us right away and get your estimates already tomorrow.

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