How to Manage an Offshore Software Development Center and Do More Than Usual

by prostir
9 November 2017
How to Manage an Offshore Software Development Center and Do More Than Usual

Managing an offshore software development center requires almost the same approach and skill set as managing a set of collocated teams, but with a twist. There can be some different obstacles that may harm direct management, like language and cultural differences, or simply a different timezone. These obstacles may require additional flexibility from you and an ability to find ways around them to remain involved in the development process.

Communication Is a Key

With offshore software development, your team may be personally and culturally farther away from you, and getting rid of this should be your primary task. You can learn more, how Prostir reduces these risks. When starting your cooperation, don’t simply send the technical requirements, but share your vision of the project, the problems that got you to start it and your desired goals and achievements. People tend to work more with passionate leaders and clients and get themselves into the project better when they feel its significance more.

It also works the other way around, especially if you and your offshore software development center are in different parts of the world. Adjust your timings to better match the team’s timezone, learn just a little bit about their culture and customs. The very best option to run major meetings with the team is in person. Don’t be shy to come over and get to know the people who will work on the project. Also keep in mind that people in other countries may have holidays when you work in your homeland, but they may perfectly work on your local bank holidays at the same time.

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Use Your Tools in Full

Task tracking software is used in every single offshore software development center around the world. Every team is being tracked and managed by a system like Jira or Trello, but almost all of them use only the most basic features, for example, tracking of feature progress and measuring the workload. But Jira is capable of so much more things that are underused. All of them will improve your cooperation with the team and lessen the amount of time needed for proper managing of an offshore software development.

Learn to use Jira’s full potential what will help you: epics, release histories and connections, burndown charts, useful plugins and integration. Don’t skimp on purchasing some great pieces of software for a few dollars that potentially may save you tens of thousands. The correct usage of issue tracking applications will not only save your time and funds but only will help your development center find possible and already occurring problems times faster.

Make It Small But Effective

Having a large team of developers of various background is perfect for on-site development, but with offshore software development, you can also have a big and strong team of highly experienced engineers. If your project is comparably big and you require a bigger workforce, you augment the team quickly (which is a known plus of having an offshore team), but once your team size is just below 10 people, you better split it in two and distribute the workload between them.

This is why we say about managing an offshore software development center, not a just a team for the IT staffing. A powerful engineering unit like this gets an additional kick to its capabilities due to enhanced flexibility, good competitive atmosphere and the parallel development of different parts of the project. Other good perks are the improvement of internal skill sharing and a possibility of substitution or exchange of engineer between teams in case of absence or simple boredom of working on the same set of features.

Looking for an offshore software development services or want to set up an R&D center with a dedicated development team? Contact us and we will match you with the most reliable companies!

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