How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in 2018

by prostir
19 December 2017
How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in 2018

Every stage of software development of any kind, be it mobile, web, embedded or desktop applications, requires programmers. Even the UX design stage may require one for consulting purposes. How much does it cost to hire programmers in 2018? The answer depends on different criteria. Of course, ‘programmer’ is a very wide term that includes lots of different specialists, and the cost of hiring a programmer depends on the experience, background, familiarity with technologies you may require, the scope of the project and location of a developer. All that will add to the variability of the total cost of a dedicated team.

Select Major Programming Language

A project in a major programming language without using any unusual frameworks or newer technologies will require considerably fewer funds than one utilizing the latest technology almost nobody is familiar with and a specific or unpopular programming language. Thus, for example, front-end and desktop developers for hire will cost you a bit cheaper compared to AI or mobile developers for hire, as the latter are progressing much faster and have a lot of new approaches the developers can use.

The longer project you plan, the lower will be the monthly wages, as there will be a warranty of the future employment for a longer time, in this case. You also can hire a dedicated team of programmers and save some budget. Another factor to lower the price is the background of your developer. If they have worked on similar projects, this may fasten up development timeframe and the total expenditures, although will unlikely change the monthly wages.

Determing Scope of Work

Hiring coders to develop software applications may vary from a couple of hours to more than a year. A scope is a document outlining the lifespan of the project, all required technologies, appliances, languages to be used and the descriptions of different versions of your software, ranging from proof-of-concept and MVPs to alphas and full-blown releases. Usually, the scope includes all answers to money questions: Linux environment will require virtually zero additional expenses against Windows or Mac, you will see paid technologies, frameworks or APIs that will increase the project cost, and the ability of cost and time-saving reuse of code and, sometimes, hardware.

Choose Location of Dedicated Development Team Wisely

Naturally, the developer’s location is also a very much critical factor in your final IT staffing price. For lots of countries, to hire a programmer from an offshore location may be twice cheaper than a co-located one, without losing any quality. Hiring software developers from faraway markets is great, but you also should keep an eye on time and cultural differences between you and them. If you’re hiring team of software developers in one offshore location, you can keep up with your timeline by getting a project manager to work for you and make decisions on your behalf, based on their experience and knowledge of your market.

Hire Dedicated Developers Seamlessly

If you don’t want to spend time on searching tech partners and estimating, what the hiring developers costs might be, there’s a way to get rid of it. Thus, you can contact tech teams aggregators, such as Prostir, to access the top vetted development companies and it staffing providers. Within just 24 hours, you can get an estimate of the costs according to your requirements and fitting the initial budget for the outsourcing projects and for the it staffing inquiries.

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