How to Hire Top Mobile App Development Company

by prostir
13 November 2017
How to Hire Top Mobile App Development Company

There are literally thousands of various mobile app development companies, studios, and teams out there, and amidst all this diversity finding the most suitable one for your project is not a trivial task. Although they all want to be hired for as more projects as possible and usually are working fairly on their growth, there can be a few catches.

The most popular one is the exaggeration of company’s achievements and significance, when companies or teams hyperbole their size, or hire freelancers for occasional work on your project instead of employing great engineers, or simply sell your project to cheaper companies. This problem can also be there if you work with an offshore mobile app development studio.

Test the Company

Don’t be shy to ask more about the inside processes inside the company. Usually, these are not related to other client’s projects and there is nothing to hide there. Ask the company about bios and previous experiences of the team members and the project manager, the struggles they may have had with previous works, the customs and processes inside. Pay attention to the company’s location, especially if it is offshore: they may resell your project to a cheaper team or augment the core team with freelancers. The perfect option is to come to their office, meet the team, and if you’re happy about it, even do all the paperwork to save precious time.

You can also ask previous clients about their working experience with the mobile app development company you’re thinking about. Usually, people are quite OK with such questions, and such kind of query can help you with finding possible problems in your cooperation or give you a hint about better and more productive approach to your work.

Your Developers Should Think Ahead of You

When you start outlining your mobile app development cooperation, you have tons of questions to discuss. Sprint length and work process organization, tracking of data, tasks, and code, whether you will be using a continuous build server, will you have your personal space within the team’s management software, how often and in which way you will receive intermediate mobile app binaries for following the work in progress, etc.

The best news for you is when the team answers most of these questions on its own. It means that the team members are working together well, they have tools and mechanisms they are accustomed to, and their internal processes are already tweaked to the point where the development process is fast, qualitative and ergonomic. If your team works with a continuous delivery server, make sure that you will be able to get the latest working revision of your app just in a few clicks without involving anyone from the team.

Avoid Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes with hiring mobile app development companies are not always obvious and you can often think that you will never make those mistakes, but that’s not true. Put quality before the price. A better bargain may mean a bad/slow team or exaggerated achievements of the company. Always remember that form and function are both significant. Do not put overall usability before visual design. Your app should look shiny to attract users. And don’t undervalue the analytics and design phase. If you want to end up with a flawless product, let the team get enough time to design the proper appearance and architecture for your mobile app. Don’t be surprised if this phase will take twice more time than actual coding. If your team will start to code right away, they will do that five times longer.

Let Professionals Find You The Best Mobile Development Team

If you want to save your time and efforts in terms of finding the top mobile app development team, you can always pass it to IT staffing professionals who know how to properly vet the best teams and choose them based on your requirements. Thus, by contacting Prostir, a platform that aggregates proven software development companies, we will provide you with free estimates in just 72 hours. Therefore, you will be able to choose from several mobile app development teams previously selected through a strict vetting process. What are you waiting for?

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