5 Outsourcing Risks Reduced by Prostir

by prostir
1 November 2017
5 Outsourcing Risks Reduced by Prostir

Being applied widely outsource approach has firmly integrated in International Business strategy. Ukraine takes a stable 24th place in Global Services Location Index, GSLI – TOP-25 global rating drawn up yearly by a consulting company A.T. Kearney since 2004.

Number of countries applying to outsource business and projects needs with Ukrainian developers is growing permanently. It opens advanced technologies to startups and reduces costs for larger companies, simplifying the organization chart and optimizing business processes.

Still the word ‘outsource’ raises questions of risks and negative aspects. Prostir will show you backgrounds and behind-the-scenes from the customer’s point of view. Let’s bust some of the widespread misconceptions.

First issue is that there is always a chance of getting poor performance. It leads to other risks, such as unexpectedly insufficient quality standards, wasted time and money, project delays. To find a way out of this mess, you’d rather delegate the choice to someone who you trust in such matters. And here comes Prostir to solve the matter. Prostir. connects clients looking for outsourcing services with thoroughly vetted top talent development teams. We will help you overcome such cons of offshoring development as:

#1 Low quality

Low professionality is something that can change the balance. Based on your needs, Prostir will choose the best matching offshore development team for your project from a large pool of our proven partners. We connect you with talented web, mobile and custom software development teams. And even more, in-house developers of Prostir analyze test assignments and study code samples for review, which allows to get a true evaluation of tech skills.

#2 Inefficient communication

The differences in time, culture and language can become a real challenge for both sides. All these can lead to frustration and low performance. Prostir finds you a professional development team that will adjust working hours to ensure smooth communication.

#3 Constant management

It’s highly probable that without good quality management your project will get out of control, sometimes simply because the requirements were not clearly explained. Prostir offers HR and business analysis services for our clients for even deeper immersion into its core allowing proper briefing, requirements specification, and processes optimization.

#4 Low company morale

Before we sign the agreement, we visit the office spaces of the potential partners to have a glance at the corporate culture and the engineers’ working conditions.
Our legal associates thoroughly examine the documentation and policies of the selected companies. We select legitimate and transparent businesses for the further investigation only.

#5 Bad timing

Searching and choosing across the numerous teams, testing them out – all these processes take lots of time to spend. With a list of hundreds of vetted software agencies our team advisors can easily find top talent that’s the best match for your software requirements. We guarantee several estimates from different companies from our pool within 72 hours, so that our clients can make their own choice of the software engineers and teams.

What’s more

To ensure the best result, we dive into the business of every client. It helps us to come up with truly unique solutions and find the most matching development companies.
While bright portfolios and positive feedbacks are great, we make sure to arrange tech interviews and assignments to double check the chosen candidates. It’s much easier to do quality control and monitoring when you know the software engineers directly and can speak with them in person.

To conclude

Let the experts handle your mobile and web development so that you can focus on the core value of your business. In the long-run, this will help your company to grow and expand more efficiently and rapidly. Prostir beats negative features of offshoring and transforms outsourcing into a business partnership to help you reach the end result you have been looking for.

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