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Take advantage of our approved tech team network and let us find an ideally matching software development team, while you focus on your business. Prostir was established to save your time and costs. Our network of software development companies is being constantly updated with the most trusted and proven teams ready to bring your idea to life.
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# 1 outsourcing advisory service
Prostir connects entrepreneurs and companies looking for tech partners, with thoroughly vetted and reliable teams network.
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We guarantee several estimates from different companies from our pool within just a few days, so that our clients can make their own choice of the software engineers and teams.
fast & clear
Regardless of your timezone and location, we can find you a professional development team that will adjust working hours to ensure smooth communication.
HR specialists
Our HR specialists are talented recruiters with years of experience exactly in IT staffing, which makes their expertise unique and priceless.
of client’s business
To ensure the best result, we dive into the business of every client. It helps us to come up with truly unique solutions and find the most matching development companies.
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Apart from outsourcing and outstaffing, we provide IT and business consulting services. Our specialists will make an extensive analysis of your company’s current business processes and IT infrastructure. This will allow to build an optimization strategy, choose the most matching tech solutions, as well as outline proper requirements for the development team.
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team screening process

1. handpicked
We examine the market and handpick the most appealing companies in terms of successful end products, independent ratings, talents, location, size, expertise, feedback from clients etc.
2. compliance
Our legal associates thoroughly examine the documentation and policies of the selected companies. We select legitimate and transparent businesses for the further investigation only.
3. test
Cool portfolios and positive feedbacks are great, but we make sure to arrange tech interviews and assignments to double check the chosen candidates.
4. code
In-house developers of Prostir analyze the test assignments and study code samples for review, which allows to get a true evaluation of tech skills.
5. personal
Before the agreement is signed, we do our best to visit the office spaces of the potential partners to have a glance at the corporate culture and the engineers’ working conditions.
offices and locations
take advantage of the fastest and proven way to find the right resource for your business

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